Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering – Special Research Topic

The Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering journal plans a special research topic in 2013 on Neuromorphic Engineering Systems and Applications.

Relevant topics include:
– Sensors and applications of sensors, e.g. retina, cochlea, convolutional hardware such as NewFlow or ConvNet
– Robotics and sensors for robotics, e.g. locomotion, game playing robots,
– Applications of large scale AER systems, e.g. Neurogrid, SpiNNaker, FACETS
– Applications of hardware for machine learning and perception, e.g. synaptic plasticity, state-dependent networks, particularly those that address the issues of imprecision and its effect on performance
– Implementations of cognitive systems, e.g. hand designed networks of neurons or learned topologies for solving ‘cognitive’ problems in decision making or control

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Information processing in cognition – IPCog-2013 (Call for Participation)

Dear all,
The Workshop on Information processing in cognition (IPCog-2013) will take place on Feb 27/28, in Sydney at the CSIRO Life Sciences Centre, with an exciting program including 4 keynote presentations.

Speakers include:
– Michael Wibral, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
– Thomas Nowotny, University of Sussex, UK
– Frieder Stolzenburg, Harz University of Applied Sciences, Wernigerode, Germany
– Ivan Tanev, Doshisha University, Japan
– Janet Wiles, The University of Queensland
– Mark McDonnell, The University of South Australia
– Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France
РMichael Harré, The University of Sydney
– Tjeerd Boonstra, The University of New South Wales
– Saeed Afshar, The University of Western Sydney
– Cliff Kerr, The University of Sydney

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